Study In Germany

The top course to study in Germany

Which is the top course to choose when you apply to study in Germany? There are many worldwide universities that offer an interesting program for an international student with English taught program. If you are looking for study in Germany, this top course filed may inspire you to apply.


By far till now, engineering is the most and top popular course to study in Germany. Engineering which translates as MS degree has attracts nearly 25% international students from countries or around 71000 international students that reflects the popularity of the course. There are some top University in Germany such as Technical University of Munich, RWTH Aachen, and Karlsruhe University. Furthermore, the country is recognized as a contribution to the automotive industry.

Business management

While engineering becomes dominant for the most favorite program to study in Germany, business management also stands not too far from the list. The business school in the country is well known across the world as one of the best course to study in Germany.


The social sciences and humanities are also other fields that you might never associate with German as it becomes a huge popularity with engineering fields. Germany has quite a number of universities that reputed with humanities field too with the top rank agency. In fact, 5 universities in Germany ranked among top 100 Humanities College in the world.

Math and computer science

This is another field where Germany has a score high. There are almost 30.000 international students that study computer science and math in the country. One of the best things, when study computer science in Germany, technology has, becomes strong in the nation. The International students who  are study in Germany pursuing the subjects and have access to high labs tech and computer stations to exploring their learning passion.


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