Top reasons to study in the Netherlands

4 Reasons to Study in the Netherlands

4 Reasons to Study in the Netherlands – The Netherlands is a country in the area of Northwestern Europe. Currently, this country has been one of the most favorite countries to study. Based on some surveys, around 1 from 10 students who study in the Netherlands is a foreign student. It means that 10% from a total of the Netherland students are coming from other countries. Their willingness to study in the Tulip country is with some reasons. At least, there are 4 reasons why you should choose Netherlands academically as a place to study. Check them out.

A High-Quality Education

Netherlands makes sure that their education system is with high quality. The government even commits to always improve their education quality to produce only qualified graduates and human resources also. Indeed, education and skills are the primary qualifications to be hired in almost all companies in the country. This matter even has been recognized in the world that the Netherlands has a high index in term of education and skills.

Communication is easy

Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe that has its own language. However, it doesn’t mean that it closes other languages to come inside. It is proven by so many languages to be used in the Netherlands including English. The colleges in Netherlands even offer around 2,100 programs with English as the language of instruction. Of course, it eases the foreign students more to communicate well with others and understand the materials delivered in the classroom. More than that, around 95% of Dutch people are fluent in English. So, living there becomes much easier anyway.

International Communities

For the large number of foreigners who study in the Netherlands and the number is increased from year to year, various international communities are established in this country. The communities represent certain countries or certain regions anyway. The presence of those communities tends to ease the students more in gathering with their friends from the same country. So, if you miss your hometown so much, you can just go to the community base camp and enjoy your favorite local foods or cheat using your local language.

International-Class Career

If you are studying in the Netherlands, there are more chances for you to reach a career in the country. Or at least, you can work in some companies that are originally coming from the country. In some positions, the companies give tighter qualifications in which only the graduates from the Netherlands that are accepted. So, are you interested to study in the Netherlands?

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