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German Literature: Courses & Career Prospects

German Literature in German Universities is a study program which the main subjects are the language, culture, and literature of Germany. For those who want to study German Literature in Germany, they have to learn and understand German Language first. They have to practice reading, writing, listening, and also speaking in German Language often. Because in the future, they will learn about German linguistics, literature, and also translation more deeply. They will need to translate articles into German Language and do literary criticism.

The Courses of German Literature

The courses which are studied in German Literature major is divided at least into 2 main concentrations; linguistic science and literature science. Linguistic science itself is simply a science that makes a language becomes the object of the study. The courses which are included in the linguistic science are semantic, phonology, morphology, and syntax. The second concentration is literature science. It is a science which studies and discusses literary works. In this case, German literature works. This science is related to the literary works which were directly produced by the German litterateur.

The courses which are included in the German literature science are prose, lyrics, the development of German Literature, and also German contemporary literature. In these 4 courses, the college students will be asked to know and study German literature works. Besides those courses in linguistic science and literature science, there might be also other courses. Such as German tourism, German business, Critical Discourse Analysis, German Cultural Knowledge, and many more. When you study German Literature in Germany, you will get deeper courses about German Literature.

Career Prospects of German Literature Graduates

The career prospects for German literature graduates are varied. Most German literature graduates work in the digital, authorship, and tourism fields. Usually, the graduates have a profession as a writer, editor, translator, creative writer, tour guide, novelist, content creator, content writer, and many more. Moreover, there is a chance for the German Literature graduates to become Diplomat or Staff of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The success key to get a great career in German Literature fields is a superior German Language skill.

But most college students who learn German Literature directly in Germany tend to continue their lives in Germany by following the Au Pair program. The Au Pair program is an opportunity given to young adults to become an adoptive sibling for children in Germany. The duration is generally from a year to 2 years.

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